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Frequently Asked Questions

Single rooms are finished in one to two visits. These can be two back-to-back days or spread apart to accommodate your schedule. 

If your room requires major repairs to drywall, these will have to be completed several days before painting to make sure the patch is completely dry.

Larger projects can take more time based upon our availability and the size and complexity of the project. Contact us for details.

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, checks, money orders and cash (exact change).

Call us at (931) 614-0443, email us, or fill out the free quote form on our website to get started.

We will gather information about your project and quote you prices for our different service levels. For more complex projects we may request to see the location in person to give you a more accurate quote. We’ll also give you a time to completion estimate at this time.

From there feel free to ask us any questions about the process, timing, or our different service levels. Once you are ready to begin the project, we’ll schedule visits around you.

Before the project starts you will need to finalize your color choices. We’ll get all the paint and supplies so you don’t have to worry about purchasing the wrong product.

For small projects a home or site-visit isn’t really necessary. We can get you a quote after you provide us some basic information about the project. For larger or more complex projects we like to do a home visit to provide a more accurate quote.

Yes, we will make every effort to schedule our visits around you. But bear in mind, we may have limited openings that restrict our availability. In any case, we will work with you to find a time everyone is happy with.

For our premium packages, which we highly recommend, we use Sherwin-Williams acrylic latex paints for all interior walls and ceilings. For trim and interior doors we use Sherwin-Williams ProClassic Acrylic-Alkydwhich provides a more durable surface. While Sherwin-Williams paints are more expensive than other brands, they offer excellent coverage, color retention, and durability, so you can enjoy a beautiful paint job for many years. we offer different selections of paint, some of which can inhibit mold and mildew growth and reduce odors. View our pricing page for details.

For our budget package we use Valspar latex signature paint for walls and ceilings and a Valspar latex for trim and doors. While Valspar paint does not offer the same performance as Sherwin-Williams paints, it provides great value-for-money for customers on a tight budget.

You can get a rough idea of costs by visiting the pricing page. But cost can vary greatly depending on the complexity of your project. The best way to find out the cost is to get a free, no-obligation quote using our online form.

We give a 15% discount on labor for all former and current military and first-responders. Commercial customers are excluded. This discount cannot be combined with other offers. 

For large projects we consider the size of the project in calculating the quoted price. In other words, we’ll offer you a better price because our costs will be lower.

Because it’s easy to remember! There are many names we could have used, but Purple Painters is about a more customer-friendly painting experience. With that in mind, we really want to stand out from the competition with a unique name and brand image.

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