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When Painting Goes Wrong

Peeling Finish

Peeling Paint

Cause: Poor surface preparation or lack of primer.

Solution: We use high-quality paint and primer combination coatings. For surface preparation we dust, degrease and degloss the surface. Premium options include sanding of all paintable surfaces.

Rough Finish

Rough Finish

Cause: Lack of surface preparation, poor patch jobs or poor painting technique.

Solution: For large holes in drywall, we slightly inset patches into the wall. We then top coat these patches so the surface is perfectly smooth and the damage is invisible. Smaller holes are filled in, and we sand the entire paintable surface to smooth out any ridges. Finally, we use proper painting techniques to minimize the appearance of brushstrokes.

Paint Runs

Paint Run/Dripping

Cause: Using a low quality paint, thinning a paint too much, or over-saturating a brush or roller with paint.

Solution: We use high quality paints and proper painting technique to avoid paint runs. In the rare case where there is a run, we correct it to give you a beautiful surface.

Poor Linework

Poor Linework

Cause: Lack of attention to detail or improper use of painter’s tape.

Solution: We use high-quality low-tack painter’s tape and careful brushwork to get clean lines along trim, corners and edges.

Poor Hiding


Cause: Using a paint with inferior hiding characteristics or failing to prime over unfinished surfaces.

Solution: We use paint-primer coatings over finished and unfinished surfaces to ensure good coverage. All of our premium offerings use two coats of high-hide paint to achieve an ideal color, even when painting over dark walls.

Tape peel-up

Tape Peel-Up

Cause: Using a high-tack tape (really sticky), leaving tape on too long or improper removal. This is especially easy to do with latex paint as it dries like a film on the wall.

Solution: We use low-tack, high performance painter’s tape for any contact with painted surfaces. Prior to removal, we score the edges with a knife and pull off at an angle to avoid peeling sections of paint off the wall.

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